"Earn While You Learn" Parenting Classes

Are you a first-time parent? Are you feeling scared or unsure about being a new parent? We would love to help. Pregnancy and parenting are filled with lots of uncertainty. This program helps to answer questions you have, ease your anxiety and help you be better parents and on your way to raising a healthier, happier child.
Here is what the program entails:

  • Complete 10 weeks of lessons
  • Watch videos
  • Complete worksheets
  • Hands on training tools
  • “Earn” Mommy points
  • Shop in the “Baby Boutique”
  • Completion Certificate
    “Earn While You Learn” graduates “EARN” the gifts and clothing items they need for their babies and get to choose one large item such as:
    Crib – Car Seat – High Chair – Swing – Stroller – Playpen

What Could You Learn? 

Here are some of the topics that could be covered:074-800

The First, Second & Third Trimesters
Prenatal Care
Going it Alone
Your Developing Baby?
Smoking While Pregnant
What’s Safe, What Isn’t
Bonding with Your Unborn Baby
Understanding Your Baby’s Cry #1 #2
Reducing the Risk of SIDS
Getting Ready for Baby
Infant Bonding
Simple Infant Care
Caring for Yourself after Childbirth
Childhood Immunizations
CPR Training
Quality Child Care
Pediatric Emergencies
Routine Illnesses
Domestic Violence
Care Seat Safety
Your Baby’s Development
Preventing Child Sexual Abuse
Shaken Baby Syndrome
Goals & Benefits of Breastfeeding
Labor 101
Child Abuse & Neglect
Alcohol & Pregnancy

Practical Fatherhood DVD’s
Role Models
Respect for Mothers
The Dad Difference
Being a Leader
A Discipline Foundation
Discipline Guidelines
Situational Discipline
Being Consistent
12 Secrets of Fatherhood

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